How to launch an Ad campaign

1. Please ensure you are well equipped for starting your Ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram:

  • your Facebook account is in good standing (check the Account Overview for more details)
  • your Page is added to the Business Manager via Meta Business Suite 
  • you have your credit card details with you (Visa, Mastercard)

2. Please ensure you have at least 3 products uploaded to the platform. Each product should have an image (min size - 500x500px). 

❗️  NB: Facebook Advertising Policies prohibit the promotion of certain content. Learn more about prohibited content.

3. Go to the Ads tab. 

4. Click on Login with Facebook.

5. Make sure you are equipped to launch your first ad campaign and tap I'm ready:

  • for Android

  • for iOS 
Log into your Facebook account.

7. Confirm the access to the information you share by clicking Continue.  

8. Click on Next to continue connecting the platform to your Facebook account. 

9. Confirm the settings

  • select the Business Manager (the one your Page is connected to)
  • select the Facebook Page (the one you would like to launch the Ad campaign from)
  • select the Instagram Profile (the one connected to the Facebook Page)
  • select the Ad Account (or create a new one*)
  • select the Meta Pixel (or create a new one*)

and click on Next.

❗️  * do not use words "Meta", "Facebook", "BM", "FB" when assigning a name

10. Allow the platform to manage your ads by clicking on Next.

11. Well done! You are just a step away from launching your Ads. 

Click on Done and wait a few seconds.

12. Now enter or double check the information about you and your business, and tick the box to accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.  

Click on Continue

13. Let's start your campaign setup! First, select the placements and click on Next.

14. Second, set up targeting: select the location, gender and age of your target audience. Please note: you will need to select either the whole country (e.g., Nigeria), or specific cities (e.g., Lagos, Abuja etc).

Click on Next.

15. Thirdly, enter (or confirm) the primary text for your ad creative, and confirm the product set.

To select products you would like to advertise, click on Manage. 

Then tick the products that will be added to the Ad campaign, and click on Select. 

❗️  Please note: the Inactive tab will contain products with some issues indicated. You can always update the products, and they will be transferred to the Active tab and will become available for adding to the campaign.

By tapping Preview, you can preview how the ads will be displayed on different placements. 

Tap Next.

16. And fourthly, you need to set up your daily budget, i.e. the average amount of money you are willing to spend each day on advertising. 

Then tap the Pay now button,

add the payment method within your Facebook ad account,  

and confirm your billing information.

Return to the app by closing the Facebook ad account window. 

Click on Launch. At this stage your Ad campaign is being submitted to Meta for the review.

17. You will be redirected to the Campaign dashboard tab. 

The campaign will have the review status until it is approved by Meta. 

After being approved, it gets the Active status and automatically starts running.  

Dashboard displays:

  • current balance and the estimated duration of the campaign 
  • product set that can be managed
  • analytics (key metrics like Spend, Cost Per Click, Ad Views, Ad Clicks etc.)

By clicking the More icon, additional Ad campaign setup becomes available. You will be able:

  • to pause the campaign 
  • to access the campaign settings and adjust them 
  • to top up the balance 
  • to disconnect the Facebook Page.

18. Your Ad campaign may get the Paused status and stop running. The status could be assigned automatically, because of the non-sufficient funds, or you can put the campaign on pause manually.

19. The Ad campaign may also get the Disapproved status. This happens when Meta considers the campaign as violating Meta Advertising Policies. In such a case, please, contact Customer Support for more details.

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