Issues with launching ads and How to fix them

If you are experiencing issues with connecting your Facebook account to the app and launching your ad campaign, please check the list of potential solutions below. 

You cannot proceed with the advertising flow 

⬇️ Solutions

1. Check if Google Chrome is set as a default web browser on your Android device (Safari should be set for the iOS devices). 

2. Check if you have allowed pop-ups in your browser.

3. Check if you have reviewed and accepted the Meta Non-Discrimination Policy.

You cannot select the Facebook Page 

Potential reasons and solutions 

⛔️ You do not have a Meta Business Account.

⬇️ Solution

Create a new Business Account. Do not use words “Meta”, “Facebook”, “FB” when assigning the name. We recommend using your business/shop name.

⛔️ Your business account got restricted (common case for first time advertisers). 

⬇️ Solution

a) In your web browser, open up the page and activate the desktop version of the site.  

b) Go to Facebook Account Overview page (or follow the route →  All tools → Business Support Home → Overview)

c) Request a review by tapping the button, and follow the instruction. You will be asked to upload an image of your ID/Passport and/or a Selfie. 

The review from Facebook takes 24-48 hours.

⛔️ Your email within the Meta Business Account has not been verified. 

⬇️ Solution

Verify your email address within your Meta Business Account

⛔️ Your Facebook Page has not been added to your Meta Business Account.  

⬇️ Solution

Add your Facebook Page to your Meta Business Account using Meta Business Suite.

⛔️ Two-factor authentication has not been set up for your Meta Business Account.  

⬇️ Solution

Add the two-factor authentication within your Meta Business Account

You cannot select the Ad Account  

⬇️ Solution

Check whether you have an Ad account, which is in a bad standing, and resolve the issue. Or create a new ad account. Do not use words “Meta”, “Facebook”, “FB” when assigning the name.

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