How to manage your Ad campaign

Your ad campaign is live! What's next? You can track the analytics and adjust your campaign.

❗️ But please note: making changes to the campaign can lead to a decrease in its effectiveness since it takes time for the campaign to adapt to the updated settings.

Managing campaign status

Track regularly the current status of your campaign. The campaign may have one of the following ones:

  • IN REVIEW - when a campaign is being reviewed for compliance with the requirements. It gets this status right after its creation and after any update (for example, editing primary text, updating products etc.).

  • PAUSED - when a campaign is put on pause manually (by you) or automatically (as an account balance runs out). Also, if you initiate a domain change, the campaign gets temporarily paused and then automatically activated after a successful domain change.

  • DISAPPROVED - when ads and/or products are rejected, a Page is restricted by Facebook or Business Manager is disabled by Facebook.

  • ACTIVE - when a campaign is fully compliant with the requirements, products and ads have been approved and there are enough funds on the ad balance.

You can temporarily pause the campaign, if necessary. In the Paused status the ad campaign is not using your balance and money isn’t spent. To pause the campaign, tap the 3 dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and select Pause

You can resume the ad campaign at any moment, if necessary. 

You can also disconnect your Facebook account from the advertising feature. In this case the campaign will be paused automatically, and the money will remain on the balance of the ad account indicated during the Facebook login.

Managing products

In the Product block you can review and update the list of products being advertised.

The product may have one of the following statuses:

Active - the product has passed the review for compliance with advertising requirements and is approved to participate in the ad campaign.

Inactive - the product is compliant with advertising requirements, but is not yet added to the campaign. 

Disapproved - the product doesn't meet advertising requirements and needs to be updated.

In review - the system reviews the product for compliance with advertising requirements.

Tap the Product set button to get access to managing products.

The On campaign tab displays all the products that have been added to the campaign and have got the Active status. If necessary, you can remove/delete one or more products from the campaign. To do this, check the box next to the product and tap Remove from campaign.

❗️ Important: at least 3 products should remain on the campaign.

The On hold tab displays the products that you have not yet added to the campaign (Inactive), as well as products that are in review or have been disapproved.

Inactive products could be added to the campaign. Select the necessary ones and tap Add to campaign

Disapproved products need to be updated first, in order to become compliant with the Meta advertising requirements. If you update the product accordingly, it will switch to the Inactive status and will be suitable for adding to the campaign. 

In the Product block you can also tap the Preview button and preview how your ads will look like.

Managing campaign settings

To manage your campaign settings, tap the 3 dot icon in the upper right corner and select Settings

Here you can:

  • Make changes to the Targeting and add/remove placements, if necessary.

  • Adjust the primary text for the ad creative. Please, note: the updated text will be sent for the review, and the campaign will switch to the In review status.

  • Change the daily budget.

Make the necessary changes, and don’t forget to tap Save

Managing ad payments  

To view your balance or to top it up, tap Manage payments

Make the necessary adjustments within your Facebook ad account. 


The Analytics section will help to evaluate the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

You can monitor data for a certain period of time (ex. for the Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 90 days) and compare it with the previous period.

The Analytics section displays:

  1. Spend (Total ad campaign expenses for the selected time period), i.e. how much money was spent on the campaign during the selected period. 

  2. CPC (Cost Per Click - The cost per one click on a link in your ad) - an important indicator for the ad campaign effectiveness; shows the cost of attracting one customer to your shop through the ad. 

  3. Ad Views - The number of views of your ad for the selected time period.

  4. Ad Clicks - one of the most important indicators of the effectiveness of your ad; means the total number of clicks on a link in your ad. Each click is an opportunity to convert the ad display into a sale. 

  5. CTR (or the clickthrough rate) - it’s an indicator that shows people's interest in your ad. It’s calculated: CTR = Ad Clicks / Ad Views × 100%.

For example: the ad has been viewed 10 times and clicked on 5 times, so, the CTR is 5/10 x 100% = 50%.

The higher the CTR is, the more attractive the ad is. A high CTR means that your ad is useful and interesting to the audience it is being displayed to.

  1. Ad campaign objective and placements (where ads are displayed: Facebook, Instagram). For example, an ad campaign may be aimed at increasing sales. 

The ad campaign analytics will also be displayed on the Home tab.

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