How to connect WhatsApp Business

Before you start, please, make sure you have:

  • The phone number that isn’t already connected to WhatsApp. This number will be set up as your WhatsApp Business account number. 
  • Facebook account you can access. 

Let’s go! Tap the Messaging icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap the Connect button.

Select WhatsApp Business.

Being the official Business Solution Provider for WhatsApp, we are obliged to verify the account, before granting access to WhatsApp Business functionality. That is why, in order to access the WhatsApp feature, you will need to submit the form and get your account verified.  

Double check the information about you and your business, fill in the missing fields and tick the box to accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

Tap Submit

❗️ Be attentive while filling in the form, as it will submitted for review. In case the data is not accurate, your request to access the WhatsApp feature will be declined.

While in review, the Requested status will be displayed in the app. 

As soon as your account is verified and request is approved, you will receive the push notification. WhatsApp Business feature becomes available. 

In the Messaging section tap WhatsApp Business

Then tap Connect.

Read the information about WhatsApp Business messaging policy

  • You can view and reply to WhatsApp messages in the inbox, but not start the chat yourself

  • You’re given 24 hours to respond to each message you receive

  • Once connected, you can use this account via Aleph Express unified inbox, but not the separate WhatsApp app

  • Up to 1000 free conversations initiated by your customers are available to you every month.

❗️ If you plan on using a phone number previously connected to WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, please note that once you connect it to the Aleph Express unified inbox, all previous conversations will be lost. You can back up your WhatsApp chat history using your Google Account. 

Tick the box to confirm you agree to the terms, and tap Continue

Log in to your Facebook account.

Tap Get started.

Confirm connecting your account to Aleph Express inbox by tapping Continue

Select (or create) your Meta business account, tap Continue.

Fill in your business information and tap Continue.

Start creating your WhatsApp Business account. Fill in the WhatsApp Business Account name, this information will be visible to customers. Tap Continue.Accounts have been set up. Tap Continue to Step 2.

Proceed with creating your WhatsApp Business profile. Enter your WhatsApp Business Display Name. Tap Continue. 

Select the category of your business, and enter the business description. Tap Continue to Step 3.

Create or select a WhatsApp Business number and select a verification method.

Get your number verified.

Well done! Tap ОК.

In order to secure your account, set up the two-step verification. Create a PIN and tap Done.

❗️ ️ Remember your PIN. Some actions won’t be available without it. Resetting will later be possible only in WhatsApp Manager settings in Facebook. 

Congratulations! Your WhatsApp Business account is now connected to your Aleph Express inbox. Tap Continue

Now manage all your WhatsApp Business conversations without leaving the app. 

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