Community Guidelines

Your use and activity on Aleph Express is subject to these Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. These guidelines help you and the rest of the community have an enjoyable and safe online experience. 

Violation of any of our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service may require action against your account, including removal of content, suspension of certain features and/or termination of your account. We do our best to ensure fair outcomes, but in all cases we reserve the right to suspend accounts, or remove content, without notice, for any reason, but particularly to protect our services, infrastructure, users, and community.

As an Aleph Express user, you play an important role in keeping our platform vibrant and safe for all users. We appreciate your support in helping us maintain the community so that our products and services remain a positive, diverse and welcoming community.

Keeping Our Products and Services Safe

Threats of Violence

Violent threats against individuals or groups, including public figures, are not allowed and will be reported to the authority when necessary. Any content that encourages incites, or advocates violence or other illegal action (e.g. inciting people to use violence against an individual or a group, or showing support for violent activities).

Acts of Terrorism

It is forbidden to publish content that supports, encourages, or incites acts of domestic or international terrorism. Content intended to encourage people to support or join terrorist or extremist organizations is also prohibited, as well as content that honors or promotes the any organization or its members including any violent or activities acts that are associated with them.

Child Exploitation & Safety of Minors

Posting, sending or soliciting material that sexualizes minors or encourages or promotes child sexual abuse is prohibited. Cartoons, caricatures and digitally altered content are included in this. Serious crimes like the possession, dissemination and soliciting of all related child sexual abuse materials will be reported to local law enforcement authorities and throughout the globe via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Hate and Derogatory Speech

We do not allow the publication of any content of any kind that advocates violence or incites hatred against an individual or a group on their actual or perceived race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, health condition, disease, or political views or affiliation. Additionally, due to the qualities mentioned above, we forbid individuals, teams, or groups from using our services if they promote or participate in acts of violence or hatred against others (e.g. promoting a gathering or event for a hate group by using our services).

Self-Harm and Suicide

Posting content that encourages or advocating self-harm or suicide is prohibited. Content that urges people to harm themselves is included in this (e.g. publishing material that encourages an eating disorder.

Mutilation or Gore

Content that portrays or encourages serious bodily harm, torture, including animal or human mutilation is forbidden.

Adult Content

Posting images of exposed genitalia, whether those of the male or female or of the exposed female breast, including the nipple, is not allowed. We acknowledge some exceptions for posts of artistic, educational, political, or scientific value, as well as in other situations when the text was not intended to arousal sexual desire (e.g, childbirth, breastfeeding, and protest nudity). In addition, content that includes sexual acts, bodily fluids, and with sexually related acts for the purpose of sexual arousal, is prohibited. 

Bullying & Harassment

Our platform does not allow personal attacks on other people, especially fellow users. This ban applies to all materials that is intended to intimidate, humiliate, degrade, harass someone sexually, or cause others harm, as well as content that has the intention of suppressing discussion or pushing people away from our platform (e.g. posting repeatedly or off-topic messages to intimidate someone with whom you disagree). Bullying directed at minors or anyone under the age of 18 can be particularly damaging and we will apply heightened standards when reviewing disparaging content.

Prostitution and Human Trafficking

It is not permitted to use our products and services to promote sex trafficking, prostitution, and other types of human trafficking including commercial sexual activities. Report any instances of human trafficking you notice on our products and services and urge the victims to get in touch with their local law enforcement authorities.

Prohibited Drugs and Illegal Substances

Any content depicting the use of prohibited drugs or illegal substances including the manufacture or sale is prohibited. The sale and purchase of any illegal substances and drugs are not permitted on our sites.

Illegal Activities

Content that encourages or facilitates unlawful action is not allowed on our platform. This covers the purchase, sale, and distribution of unlawful goods and services.

Protecting User Privacy

Posting of Personal Identifiable Information

Do not disclose or post private information that could be used against you or another person in public. We do not allow content or post that include passwords, ID numbers, bank account details, birthdates, home or work addresses, and other commonly known personally identifiable information (PII). To learn more about safeguarding your account, visit our support page.

Invasion of Privacy

Posting materials that encourage, enable, or document the invasion of another person's legitimate expectation of privacy is prohibited. This prohibition includes the use of media, the posting of intimate photos and videos without permission, and the threat of doing so in order to disgrace, malign or harass another person. To learn more about safeguarding your account, visit our support page.

Maintaining the Integrity of our Platform

Impersonation and Misinformation

Content intended to deceive, scam, or otherwise harm our users is not permitted. This includes attempting to deny voters their right to vote or interfering with elections in other malicious ways. You are not permitted to try to mislead users about the source of the content you submit or your affiliation with any other person, organization, or company. However, we acknowledge that there may be some exceptions, such as parody and satire, which may be allowed only if clearly stated.

Spam, Off Topic, Resource Abuse, and Phishing

You are not permitted to post content of any kind that is repetitive, off-topic, or intended to drive traffic to a website other than our site. It is forbidden to set up numerous accounts or use them for promotional or censorship purposes, or to circumvent our product security and content moderation tools.  Please refrain from using our products to spread viruses, malware, or other damaging materials, or for phishing. Avoid taking any activities that might disrupt the functionality of networks, servers, or other infrastructure owned by Aleph group or others. Content that advocates any attempts to steal money, identity or by that reveals any individual's personal information is also not allowed on our platform.  

❗️Inactive and Abandoned Accounts
Your account could be deactivated and all of its contents deleted if you haven't accessed it for a certain period of time which is solely subject to our jurisdiction. To learn more about deactivating your account, please visit our support page.

Respecting Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Posting material that infringes on someone else's copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights is prohibited. If we find such content, or if the rightful owner requests it, we will remove it from our platform. Please see our copyright and intellectual property policy for more information.

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