How to add a new product

Use the Quick Navigation and go to the Products tab.

For the demonstration reason, demo products have been added to your app. Before you start adding your own products, remove them. Just swipe left in the product line and select the Delete option.

Then tap Add product.

1. In the Add product tab, start with uploading the product image

Select one or more images and tap Confirm.

To manage product images, use the Show all media files button.

On the Manage photos screen, you can change the images display order. Tap the Drag-and-drop icon in the bottom left corner of the image and drag it to a new location. 

❗️The first image is set as the main image and will be displayed on the product card. 

You can also remove images or add new ones if necessary.

After making changes, go back to the Add product screen using the arrow in the upper left corner.

2. Enter the product name.

3. Specify the product price in the Price field.

4. Assign the relevant status to the product: In stock or Out of stock.

5. On default, the unlimited quantity of products is set. If necessary, deactivate the Unlimited toggle button

and enter the available number of products in stock.

6. From the drop-down list, select the Collection to which the product will be added. 

If necessary, create or edit the collection using the Manage collections button.

7. Select the brand to which the product belongs.

If necessary, create or edit the brand using the Manage brands button.

8. Fill in the Description field. Share more info about your product: its advantages, characteristics, use cases and any additional data. 

The product description will be displayed on the product page.

9. If the product exists in different options (Size or Color, for example), fill in the Product Options tab. 

10. After filling in all the fields, tap Save.

11. The product has been added to your shop.

To add the next product, use the Plus icon in the upper right corner.

12. All products are being regularly reviewed for compliance with our Commerce Guidelines. Learn more about them here.

Products that violate the Commerce Guidelines will be blocked. They will be marked with a special ribbon in the app and will not be displayed on the website.

To see the reason for blocking, swipe left and select the View option.

The product in the Blocked status is unavailable for editing. You can only delete it.

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