How to add product options

Some products can be presented in several options (in different sizes, colors etc.).

For such cases, use the Product Options feature.

Tap the Add option button in the Add product or Edit product tab

and select one of the options from the list. 

If necessary, use the Manage options button to add, delete, or edit options. 

❗️Important: Default options (color, size, material, pattern) can’t be removed or edited.

To add another option, tap Add option one more time.

❗️Important: You can set no more than two options for a product at the same time.

  • In the displayed Manage variations block select or add the product images.

  • Assign the values.

  • Fill in the Price field.

  • Activate the Unlimited toggle button in case the quantity of products is unlimited.

  • Or specify the available quantity of products in stock.

If there are more variations of the product, tap the Add variation button again and follow the steps.

After filling in all the fields, tap Save.

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