How do I get started?

Signing up

To create an account on the platform, open the app and tap Sign up. 

To proceed, you will need to verify your phone number. 

Enter the number and tap Send code. You will receive a message with the code.

Insert the code from the message into the appropriate field.

In case you don’t receive a message, check if you’ve entered your phone number correctly. If the phone number is correct, tap I didn’t receive a code and submit again.

Then enter your email address and set a password.

Follow the links to get acquainted with the platform's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Accept them by checking the appropriate boxes. Tap Create account.

Shop info set up

Let’s move to setting up your shop info. 

❗️  Note: you can click on Skip, skip this step and set up your shop info later. 

To start with, upload your shop logo, if necessary.

Set up the shop name.

Then set up the shop web address, i.e. the domain name by which your shop will be available across the web. Click on Continue.

❗️  Note: The domain name cannot contain numbers only.

The name must contain lowercase English letters and digits from 0 to 9 without spaces and special characters. Name length must be min.3, max.63 characters.

Onboarding steps

Follow the suggested steps for easy onboarding, or skip them clicking on Skip.

1. Add the first product. Click the Add product button and follow the instructions.

2. Continue with setting up payment options. Click on Add payment option and describe the ways you receive payments.

More information about setting up payment options: How to set up payment options and How to activate Paystack.

3. Next, set up delivery options, if necessary. Click on Add delivery option

and select whether you are going to describe the delivery or pickup option. Learn more about setting up delivery options here.

Good job! Welcome to the Home tab. Please, pay attention to the Getting started checklist - it will remind you of the steps required to have your online shop fully set up. From here, you can track the steps already completed, as well as the steps that are left.  

For example, to make your shop available across the web and your products visible to customers, you need to publish your shop. More details about publishing the shop find in the instruction.

From here, you can also start setting up a unified inbox for messaging and launching your first ad campaign. You may also click on Skip and be back to these settings later.

Now you are well equipped to start selling everywhere!

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