How to manage products

How to edit a product

Go to the Products tab.

To edit, swipe the necessary product left and select the appropriate option in the additional menu.

Make the necessary changes in the Edit Product window (For example, you can add or remove product images, change the price, available amount, etc.).

To remove the image, tap on it, then tap the Delete icon.

If a few product images were added, tap on Show all media files.

In the Manage photos window add or delete images.

If necessary, change the image's display order. To do this, tap the Drag-and-drop icon in the bottom left corner and drag them in the necessary order. 

Also, in the editing window, you can:

  • Temporarily hide the product (ex. if its stocks have run out). In this case, it’s still in the catalog but is invisible to the online shop’s customers. To do this, tap the 3 dots and select Hide

Then tap Save. 

In the product list in the admin panel, the hidden product will be displayed less intensively.

  • Delete the product

  • Share the link to the product via messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp)

  • See how your product will be shown in the shop

How to sort the product list

By default, the product display order in the admin panel and in the shop's catalog is determined by the order of creation - the last added product is displayed first. If necessary, you can change the order manually.

To do this, tap Sort.

Then tap the 6 dots icon in the product line and, holding it, drag the product to a new position in the list.

Place the products in the necessary order.

Tap Save.

The products will be displayed in the admin panel list and on the catalog pages in the specified order.

How to filter the product list

The product list can be filtered by availability and collection (collections).

To do this, tap the Filter button.

In the displayed Filter tab, select collections and/or availability by which the product list should be filtered. 

Tap the Show button.

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