How to manage collections

How to edit a collection

To edit the collection, go to the Products tab 

→ Collections.

Tap on the line of the selected collection or swipe left and select Edit in the opened menu.

Make the necessary changes in the displayed window "Edit collection". 

For example, you can:

  • add or remove the collection’s image (icon)

  • change the name

  • enable/disable the collection’s display on the main page

After making changes, be sure to tap Save.

Also, you can edit the collections in the process of creating or editing any product. To do this, tap on the Manage collections button in the drop-down list in the Collection field.

In the Manage collections window swipe left the necessary collection and select Edit in the opened menu. 

Make changes and tap on the check mark.

To remove the collection, swipe left and select Delete in the opened menu.

❗️ Deleted collections can’t be restored, and the products included in them will be moved to the No collection.

How to sort the collection list

Tap Sort.

Set the collection display order in the catalog by tapping the Drag-and-drop icon (left from the line) and dragging the names of the collections in the required order.

Then tap Save.

Collections will be displayed in the appropriate order in the catalog menu.

As well as the collection's order on each page of the catalog will be changed accordingly.

Also, you can remove the collection in the Sort collections list window. To do this, tap the cross in the line.

At this stage, if you decide to cancel the removal, you can do so by tapping the Recover icon.

To confirm the collection removal, tap Save.

 How to display a collection on the main page

Collections can be presented on the main page as a special block so that the customer can quickly navigate to the necessary collection.

To do this, activate the Show on home page toggle button  in the creation or editing window to the active position.

Tap the Save button.

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