How to add an order manually

When your customer places an order via Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp or by phone, you will need to add the order into the app manually. First, go to the Orders tab

Tap the Add order button.

Select or add a new customer.

❗️ Note: if you do not have customer’s data, you can skip this step. You can later edit the order and add information.

The customer could be searched by their name, phone number or email address. 

Tap the Plus button to create a new customer, if necessary.

Then add the necessary products to the order. First, tap Select products.

Start entering the name of the product for the quicker search. 

Tick the boxes and tap Select.

To add another product, tap Add product.

Adjust the quantity of items, if necessary.

Then set up the payment details. If necessary, you can:

  • Add a coupon that will be applied to the corresponding products  

  • Add a delivery option that will be applied to the order 

  • Apply an additional discount to the order.

In the Order info section set up:

  • Order payment status

  • Order general status

  • Sales channel for this particular order. 

Add a note to the order, if necessary (any comment regarding the delivery, payment or other order details). 

Enter the note into the Description field, and tap Save.

Tap the Save button.

Order has been added. 

To add a new one, tap the Plus button in the top right corner. 

Orders could also be added from the customer list. Tap the customer.

Then tap the Add order button.

Fill in the required fields and and tap Save.

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