How to set up Shiip delivery option

Shiip is the largest delivery aggregator in Nigeria. By connecting Shiip, you will be automatically connecting to your online shop the list of major delivery services, like Kwik, Gokada, ABC etc. At checkout, your customer will be able to choose one of the options.

You will also be able to track your delivery from the moment the carrier picks it up from your address until it is delivered to your customer at the delivery address. 

To activate the Shiip integration, make sure you have:

  1. A Shiip account. To create one, go to the link, fill in all the required information, and tap Submit.

  2. Funds in your Shiip wallet, as the deliveries are being booked on a pre-payment basis.

Then go to Settings

Delivery options

In the Delivery options tab, tap + in the Shiip line.

Enter your API Key.

To obtain it, go to the Settings section of your Shiip account and select the API Settings tab.

Copy the API Key.

Paste it into the Aleph Express app.

For the delivery company to get in touch with you, please, provide your personal info, including your name, phone number and email. You can pull this data from your profile or enter it manually. 

Specify the address from where the carrier will pick up the products, or tap Pull address from profile.

You can edit the address later if needed.

Set the default weight for all products (minimum weight - 0.5 kg). For each particular product, you can always assign its particular weight on the product page.

Tap Activate.

The Shiip aggregator has been integrated into your online shop.

Now, when your customer places an order in the cart, they will see delivery options from all the carrieres, and will choose the optimal one for them.

You will receive a standard push notification about the new order.  

Then, if your customer has selected one of the delivery options offered by Shiip, you will need to manually book your delivery on Shiip service. To do so, go to the order and tap Shiip delivery

❗️  Important: In orders with Shiip delivery selected, you cannot edit the customer details or add/delete products.

Tap Book delivery.

The delivery fee is deducted from your Shiip wallet, and your request is being sent to the courier company. 

❗️  NOTE: If your Shiip wallet has insufficient funds, you cannot book a delivery.

When the order is ready for delivery, tap Assign delivery to have the delivery company send a courier to pick the package up.

Next, the order will be assigned a tracking number that you can share with your customer.

If necessary, the delivery can be cancelled. Please note that the delivery can be cancelled when having the New or Assigned status.

To cancel the delivery, tap the 3 dots in the top left corner and select Cancel delivery.

❗️  Important: To refund the prepaid delivery fee, contact the Shiip support team via email

To edit the Shiip delivery option, select this option on the Delivery options screen.

Make the necessary changes and tap Save.

To deactivate integration with Shiip, tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and select Deactivate.

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