How to activate Paystack

Go to Settings and tap the Payment options tab.

In the Paystack line tap the +Add button.

If you don’t have a Paystack account yet, you need to create it. To do this, follow the link in the first step of the instruction or tap here.

An account is automatically created in the test mode, so you need to activate it. To do this, tap the Test mode button.

In the opened window fill in all the necessary data and tap Save.

If you already have a Paystack account or you’ve created it, copy the Live Webhook URL in the third step.

As soon as you’ve copied it, go back to your Paystack account to the Settings section.

And in the opened window find API Keys & Webhooks.

Enter the URL copied in the app to the Live Webhook URL line and tap Save.

Copy Paystack Live Secret Key without leaving this window in your Paystack account

Go back to the app and check the box. It will confirm that you’ve saved the Live Webhook URL in the Paystack account, and tap Continue.

In the opened window enter the previously copied Secret Key and tap Activate.

Now the Paystack is activated in your account.

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