How is the customer list formed

A customer is any user who has placed an order in the shop.

Each new customer’s name and data automatically appear on the Customer list immediately after the customer creates an order in the online shop.

Also, if necessary, you can add a customer manually in the admin panel.

In the customer list you can:

  • Review or edit customer’s contact info, and also, if necessary, remove him/her from the list. To do this, swipe the necessary customer’s line and select the option.

  • See the customer’s orders or move to creating a new order on his behalf. To do this, tap on the necessary customer’s line and in the opened window select +Add order.

  • Quickly move to communication with the customer.

To open a chat in WhatApp, just tap on the relevant icon in the necessary customer’s line.

  • Call the customer. To do tap on the phone call icon.

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