How to connect Facebook Messenger

Tap the Messaging icon in the upper right corner of the screen.Tap the Connect button.

Select Messenger.
If you’ve already logged in to your Facebook account on your device, the system will automatically suggest you continue under this account. Tap Continue, if the data is correct. If not, select another account by tapping the Edit Settings button.

If your device isn’t logged in, enter your username and password. Then tap Log in.Then tap Continue. By that you agree to give access to your Facebook Profile data.Then tap Continue one more time. By that you give access to manage your Facebook settings.Select the Facebook Page for which you want to manage messages, and tap Select Page.Well done! On the screen, you’ll see your chat history, it will load automatically. You’ll also be receiving all new messages to this inbox as well.

A special symbol will notify you.

You will also be receiving push notifications.

Now you can:

  • Track and respond to messages that customers leave on your Facebook Page

  • Send links to your products

To do this, tap the Plus button

and select Product.

Check the necessary products and tap Select.

The customer will receive a message with a product image and a link to the product’s page in your online shop.

  • Send customers photos and videos

To do this, tap the Plus button and select Photo, video.

Select a photo or a video on your device and tap Confirm.

  • Send voice messages to your customers

To do this, tap and hold the Microphone button.

  • Use the quick replies feature

For that, tap Plus in the chat with the customer and select Quick replies.

Then select the relevant template reply from the list.

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