How to activate the chat widget

Activate the chat widget and start supporting your customers via online chat that could be initiated from any page of your shop. 

When your customer taps the chat icon, a list of available channels will be displayed. You can add your WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram contact into the chat widget, so that your customer reaches out to you through the convenient platform.

To activate the chat widget, go to Settings → Plugins

 Chat widget

Tap Activate.

You can automatically pull your contact details from the Shop Info section by tapping Pull contact details.

If you have previously added two contacts of the same type (for example, two Instagram or WhatsApp accounts), you will be prompted to choose one for the Chat widget. 

Check the necessary one and tap Done.

How to add WhatsApp

Tap Add channel and select WhatsApp.

Enter your WhatsApp number with country and area codes.

Tap Save.

How to add Messenger

Tap Add channel and select Messenger.

Enter your Facebook Page ID.

To have your Page ID, log in to your Facebook account, go to Pages and select the necessary Page.

Tap the About tab.

Scroll down and tap See all About.

Then scroll down to see your Page ID.

Copy your Page ID and paste it into the field in the app. Tap Save.

How to add Instagram

Tap Add channel and select Instagram.

Enter your Instagram username.

To have your username, log in to your Instagram account, tap profile and then tap Edit Profile.

Copy your username

and paste it into the field in your app. Tap Save.

How to edit the Chat widget

If necessary, you can change the display order of channels in the Chat widget.

In the Chat widget tab, tap Sort.

Hold the drag-and-drop button, move the blocks in the necessary order, and tap Save.

To enable/disable the display of the Chat widget icon on your website, use the toggle button.

To customize the design of the Chat widget, tap Customize widget.

Choose the location and size of the icon.

Adjust the color of the Chat widget icon by tapping Primary color. Tap Done.

After the setup, don't forget to tap Save.

To edit a channel, tap it in the channel list.

Make the necessary changes and tap Save.

To remove a channel from the Chat widget, open the 3 dots menu and select Delete.

To deactivate the plugin, tap the 3 dots in the Chat widget tab and select Deactivate.

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