How to connect Instagram

Before connecting Instagram:

Before connecting an Instagram account to the platform, make sure you have taken a few actions, required by Meta:  

  • You’ve switched your Instagram account to a business account. We explained how to do it in another.

  • You’ve connected your Instagram business account to your Facebook Page (more details about this step are here).

  • You’ve enabled the access to your messages; if not, do the following:

 Go to your Instagram account and tap Settings and Privacy.Find the Messages and story replies point and tap it.Here find Message controls.And activate Allow access to messages. Ready! Now you can move to connecting your Instagram account to the platform.

Connecting Instagram

Tap the Messaging icon in the upper right corner on the Home screen.

If you haven’t connected other messengers yet, you’ll see a window where you need to tap the Connect button

And then select the Instagram line.

If you have already connected other messengers, tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner

And tap the Plus button in the Instagram line.

In the appeared window you can review all the conditions necessary for connecting the Instagram account, and tap Continue.
If you’ve already logged in to your Facebook account on your device, the system will automatically suggest you continue under this account. If the account is correct, tap Continue. If not, select another one by tapping the Edit Settings button.

❗️ It’s important that this is the exact account under which the Facebook Page operates (with the Instagram account linked). 

If your device isn’t logged in, then you’ll be suggested to enter your username and password. After you do that, just tap Log in.

In the appeared window you need to tap the Continue button. By that you agree to give access to your Facebook Profile data.

Then tap Continue again. By that you give permission to manage your Facebook Page.

On the next screen, select the Facebook Page to which the Instagram account is linked, and tap Select Page.

Ready! You have connected Instagram now.
In the Inbox you’ll see the history of all your previous chats, they will load automatically. You’ll also receive all new messages.

By the icons next to the profile picture, you can see from which of the connected messengers the message came.

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