How to add quick replies to messenger

Use the Quick replies function when communicating with customers in the messenger. Just create templates of replies to the most common questions, and you won't have to type them again every time. You can create up to 50 templates.

To do this, go to Messengers

→  Settings

→  Quick replies

Tap Add quick reply.

Enter the name - it will be visible only to you and will help you find the necessary template faster.

Add the message text that you will send to customers.

Then tap Save.

To create the next template, tap Plus in the upper right corner.

To use the quick replies function, tap Plus in the chat with the customer.

And select the Quick replies option.

Then select the relevant one from the list.

If necessary, use the keyword search function in the message’s title or content.

If necessary, edit the message in the chat and click the Send icon.

❗️ The updated message text isn’t saved to templates.

To change the template, go to Messenger →  Settings →  Quick replies.

Swipe left in the necessary template line and select Edit.

Make the necessary changes and tap Save.

You can also delete the template. To do this, swipe left in the appropriate line and select the Delete option.

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