How to add and manage brands

How to add a new brand

Brand is a symbol that distinguishes a company from its competitors.

There are two ways to create a brand: in the Add product window or in the Edit product window.

To do this, tap the Brand field 

and select the Add brand.

Upload the image, assign the name and tap the check icon.

For adding more brands, tap in the Brand field and select the Manage brands option 

and tap Add brand.

How to edit a brand

You can edit a brand in the Add product or Edit product windows. 

To do this, tap on the Manage brands button from the drop-down list in the Brand field.

Swipe left and select Edit in the opened menu. 

Edit the image and/or brand name. To save the changes, tap on the check mark.

To remove a brand, swipe left and select the Delete option, then confirm the action.

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