How to create and manage brands

How to create a new brand

Brand is a symbol that distinguishes a company from its competitors.

There are two ways to create a Brand: in the Create product window or in the Edit product window.

To do this, tap into the Brand field 

and select the Add brand.

Fill in the Create Brand form.

If you want, you can assign the Brand an icon. In this case, the brand will be displayed on the product’s page with a preview.

To do this, tap the Select Image button and upload an icon. We recommend using images in JPG or PNG format with a size of 500х500 px.

Fill in the Brand name field.

Tap on check.

When creating the future brands tap in the Brand field and select the Manage brands option 

and tap on Add brand.

How to edit a brand

You can edit a Brand in the Create Product or Edit Product windows. 

To do this, tap on the Manage brands button from the drop-down list in the Brand field.

Then tap the brand line in the displayed window Manage brands or swipe left and select Edit in the opened menu. 

Edit the image and/or brand name. To save the changes, tap on the check mark.

To remove a brand, swipe left and select the Delete option, then confirm the action.

At the same time, the brand will no longer be displayed on the product pages to which it was previously assigned.

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