How to customize your shop design in 60 sec

Create your stunning website and make it match your brand! In just a few taps.

Go to Settings → Customize design

Select one of the themes and tap Apply.

To make your website reflect your business identity, let’s add a few changes. 

  1. Add logo   

Go to the Theme editor.

Tap the Edit icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Tap the cross on the default image and tap Add image to upload your logo.

Enter your shop name.

Set up the font and the overall logo size.

  1. Set up your brand color as a header color  

In the Header tab, select the color using the color palette.

Well done! Tap Save.

  1. Now let's set up the Popular Products on the home page. Tap the Edit icon.

In the Product block tab, set up the name for the block (ex. Sale, New, Best price etc.). 

In the Show products drop-down menu, select the collection, for the products from this particular collection to be displayed on the home page of your website.

Select the size for product images.

Tap Save.

Learn more about additional opportunities for customizing the design of your website in the Customize design section.

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