How to create a new collection

A collection is a group of products that a customer perceives as similar to each other (For example, clothes, shoes, electronics, items for kids). By combining products into collections, you make it easier for the customer to find the right product.

There are 2 ways to create a collection:

  1. Add a collection directly in the Collections section.

Go to Products

→ Collections

To create a first collection, tap on the Add collection  button.

Fill in the Create Collection form.

If you want, you can Assign the Collection an icon. In this case the collection will be displayed on the main shop's  page with preview.

To do this, tap the Select Image button and upload an icon. We recommend using images in JPG or PNG format with a size of 500х500 px.

Fill in the Name field.

The name, image and link to the collection in the catalog can be displayed on the online shop’s main page. To do this, activate the corresponding toggle button.

After filling in all fields, tap the Save button.

To add the next collection, use the Plus icon in the upper right corner.

2. Also, you can create a collection in the process of  creating or editing the product.

To do this, tap in the Collections field and select the Manage collections option.

Tap on Add collection.

Add an image (not necessary), the collection’s name and tap on Check.

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